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Simple, Fast, & Fun

  • 1

    You Start a Gift Pool & Invite People to Chip In

  • 2

    We Collect the Money & Create the Gift Card(s)

  • 3

    You Deliver the Gift
    & Rejoice

Teacher Gifts

give with your entire class

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Private Contributions

Collect Money for Anything

"Gather classmates together and contribute...
It’s easy when you use HipChip"

Coach Gifts

“This was an awesome experience!!
I will use it again and again.”

hockey mom & fan

Group Fund Anything

Cover Expenses. Buy Local Gifts.

Create a generic gift pool & spend it on anything


Choose brand name e-gift cards & give them anytime

Problems Solved...

  • no more IOU’s
  • no awkward collecting
  • automatic email reminders
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