Simple Steps to Make Your Friend's Day!

With HipChip, you can effortlessly organize online gift cards for friends - collect, contribute, and deliver joy instantly, all in one platform. Check out the steps here.

  • Setup your
    group gift

    Start by entering the title of your group gift, the recipient’s name, and the deadline for contributions. This simple setup process makes organizing group gifts straightforward and efficient.

  • Invite people
    to chip in

    Extend invitations easily using a share link, email, or social media. HipChip simplifies the process, ensuring everyone can contribute effortlessly to the group gift.

  • Choose Gift

    Select the perfect gift cards for friends from our extensive collection, suitable for various occasions like weddings, graduations, and birthdays. There’s something for every special moment. You can even select our Choice cards which allow the recipient to choose from 150 national busineses.

  • Place

    Once you’re ready, review and confirm the chosen gift card for friends and the amounts for each. Rest assured, you can make changes before finalizing your order.

  • Deliver your

    Efficiently deliver your gift card for friends by email, or opt for a more personal touch by printing them out for hand delivery.

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Choose the Best Gift Card for Your Friends

Selecting the ideal gift card for friends is simple with HipChip. Our platform offers a wide array of options perfect for any occasion. Celebrate your friend's graduation, a new job, a birthday, or any milestone with our versatile range. From dining and shopping to entertainment and travel, we have gift cards that cater to every interest and hobby. Our online gift cards for friends are not just convenient; they are a thoughtful way to show you care. They offer the freedom of choice, ensuring your friends can enjoy what they truly love. With HipChip, giving the perfect gift has never been easier.

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Group Gift Cards: The Perfect Surprise for Friends

Bringing friends together for a special occasion is made effortless with HipChip's group gift cards. Whatever the occasion is, our platform makes it easy for the entire group to contribute towards a memorable gift. The beauty of our group gift cards lies in the shared experience of giving, creating a bond among friends as they collectively celebrate a loved one's special day. Our system ensures that organizing, contributing, and tracking funds is hassle-free, allowing you to focus on the joy of the occasion. With HipChip, group gifting becomes a meaningful and enjoyable experience, perfect for showing a friend how much they're valued by the whole group.

Easy & Fun Group Gifting for Friends with HipChip

Struggling to find that perfect gift for your buddy? Let's make it a breeze with HipChip. Picture this: a gift that hits the mark for every friend, whether they're into hitting the gym, exploring new destinations, or anything in between. We’ve got a stash of gift cards just waiting to match their vibe.

Here's the scoop – no need to sweat over the details. With HipChip, you grab the gift card that screams your friend's name, add your personal touch with a message, and get the gang to chip in without any fuss. Whether it's a birthday bash or just a 'you're awesome' kind of day, make it count with a group gift that’s as special as your friendship. Ready to make gifting as fun as your squad hangouts? Dive into HipChip!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I initiate a group gift card for a friend on HipChip?

Starting a group gift card on HipChip is simple. First, enter your gift's title and your friend’s name, and set a chip-in deadline. This creates a dedicated page for your group gift, where friends can come together and contribute. HipChip guides you through each step, making it easy to bring your thoughtful gift to life.

What are the ways to invite friends to contribute to a group gift card?

Inviting friends to contribute to a group gift card on HipChip is straightforward. Share the gift link via email, social media, or directly with a shareable link. Our platform is designed for ease, allowing you to reach out to friends quickly and efficiently, ensuring everyone has the chance to be part of the gift.

Can I select multiple types of gift cards for one group gift?

Yes, with HipChip, you have the flexibility to choose multiple gift cards for a single group gift. Our platform offers a range of categories to suit any preference, allowing you to tailor the gift to your friend’s likes and interests. This way, your group gift can be as diverse and unique as your circle of friends.

Is there a deadline for contributions to a gift card?

Absolutely, you set the deadline for contributions to the gift card on HipChip. The cutoff date cannot be more than 90 days from when you create the order, giving your group ample time to chip in. This feature helps in planning and ensures that the gift is ready for the special day.

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