How Graduation Gift Cards Work

Explore HipChip for easy-to-use graduation e-gift cards. A seamless, thoughtful way to congratulate grads, offering them the freedom to choose what they truly desire.

  • Setup your group gift Background

    Setup your
    group gift

    Begin your group gift for a graduation celebration on HipChip by entering the gift title, graduate’s name, and setting a deadline for contributions. This ensures a well-coordinated and timely gift for the special occasion.

  • Invite people to chip in Black Background

    Invite people
    to chip in

    Effortlessly invite friends and family to contribute to the graduation gift using HipChip’s share link, email, or social media. Our platform makes coordinating group contributions simple and efficient.

  • Choose Gift Cards Background

    Choose Gift

    Select the perfect gift cards for the graduates from HipChip’s extensive range. Whether it’s for further education, a new adventure, or personal enjoyment, our selection caters to every graduate’s aspirations.

  • Place Order Background


    Once your group has decided, finalize the graduation gift card on HipChip. Confirm your selection and the amounts, knowing you can make adjustments before placing the order for a flexible gifting process.

  • Deliver your gift - Green Background

    Deliver your

    Deliver your thoughtfully chosen graduation gift card via email for convenience or print it for a personal handover. HipChip provides versatile delivery options to suit your preferences.

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Group Graduation Gift Cards

Celebrate Their Achievement: Group Graduation Gift Cards

Graduation marks a significant milestone, symbolizing hard work, perseverance, and success. Recognizing this achievement with a group graduation gift card from HipChip adds a special touch to the celebration. Our platform offers a diverse selection of gift cards perfect for graduates, from Spafinder to Apple, Uber, and Sephora. These gift cards are an ideal way to honor the graduate’s dedication and hard work. Whether they prefer a relaxing spa day, the latest technology, convenient rides, or beauty essentials, HipChip has options for every graduate's taste. Group graduation gift cards bring friends and family together to celebrate this momentous occasion, making the graduate feel truly appreciated and supported.

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Graduation Gifts Made Easy: Group Cards for Grads

Choosing the perfect gift for a recent graduate can be challenging, but HipChip simplifies the process with our wide range of graduation gift cards online. We offer various categories, including shopping, travel, apparel, and beauty, catering to every graduate's post-graduation needs and desires. Our platform allows friends and family to collectively select and contribute to a gift card, making it an inclusive and thoughtful gesture. From helping the graduate update their wardrobe to planning a celebratory trip, HipChip’s graduation gift cards offer the flexibility and variety to ensure your gift is both meaningful and useful. It’s the ideal way to acknowledge their achievement and support their next steps.

Group Cards for Graduation
HipChip’s Group Gift Cards

HipChip’s Group Gift Cards: Perfect for Graduation Celebrations

Graduation is not just an end but also a beginning, and what better way to celebrate than with HipChip’s graduation e-gift cards? Our selection includes popular choices like The Cheesecake Factory for a celebratory meal, or an Amazon voucher for endless possibilities. These e-gift cards for graduates provide a delightful way for your loved one to enjoy their success and choose something that truly resonates with them. HipChip’s gift cards cater to diverse interests and needs, ensuring that every graduate finds something that excites them. Whether they indulge in a gourmet meal or shop for their next adventure, HipChip’s group gift cards make graduation celebrations memorable and gratifying.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a variety of gift cards suitable for graduation gifts?

Absolutely! HipChip offers a diverse selection of gift cards that are ideal for graduation gifts. Choose from top brands like Spafinder, Bloomingdales, Uber, and more, ensuring you find a card that resonates perfectly with the graduate's interests and post-graduation plans.

How do we finalize and place an order for a graduation group gift card?

Finalizing a graduation group gift card on HipChip is easy. Simply select the recipient, choose the gift card, and invite your group to contribute. Our platform assists in managing contributions and tracking progress, streamlining the process until you're ready to place the order.

Can the type and amount of a graduation gift card be changed after initial selection?

Yes, you have the flexibility to change the type and amount of the graduation gift card on HipChip before finalizing your order. This allows for adjustments based on group preferences or additional contributions, ensuring the gift perfectly suits the graduate's needs.

What are the advantages of giving a graduation gift card over traditional gifts?

Graduation gift cards offer several advantages over traditional gifts. They are fast, easy, and secure, with the option to redeem in stores or online. E-gift cards eliminate the risk of lost or unused gifts, providing graduates with the freedom to choose what they really want or need as they embark on their new journey.

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